Managed Security Tools

We are leaders in the Security industry offering the latest technology and security tools available, while providing the professional expertise of our CISSP Certified Engineers. Our strengths include analyzing your network for security risks, optimizing your overall IT Operations, implementing mitigation strategies, reducing costs and exposure.

Continuous Security Assessment

Periodic Vulnerability Scans and remediation keep you ahead of attackers

User Security Awareness Training

Continuous Training keeps your users educated about risks and methods used by hackers. Strengthen your weakest link

Dark Web Monitoring

Real time and periodic reporting on stolen and compromised passwords and personal data to help you proactively protect yourselves and your business from criminals

Virus & Malware Protection

Modern end point security that protects your computers from zero day threats entering your system via web, network or email.

Next Gen Perimeter Firewall

Next-Gen firewalls include Unified Threat Management such as Intrusion Prevention, Application and URL filtering as well as Virus and Malware filtering right at the perimeter of your network

Mobile Device Management

Secure your company's data on the go while still allowing flexibility for your employees to work from anywhere. Control Mobile Devices and Apps, apply security policies and protect data stored on these devices.

Web Traffic Filtering

Proactively prevent your employees from accidently visiting compromised websites and prevent malicious content from entering your network via internet browsing

Email Encryption & Filtering

Secure sensitive information transmitted over email to prevent data leaks. Secure the most common entry point for malware and phishing attacks by filtering inbound and outbound emails before they ever get to user's inbox.

Continuous Patch Management

Most attacks use a vulnerability in your Operating system or commonly used software such as Adobe and Java to gain access to your systems. Keeping up with security patches minimizes your chances of getting compromised.

Data Backup & Business Continuity

A good uncompromised Backup is your last line of defense. Having a local backup as well as an off-site backup not just prepares you for a physical disaster, but also prepares you for data loss prevention from Ransomware and viruses.

Multifactor Authentication

Restrict all inbound access to your network to use 2-Factor Authentication to minimize risks from compromised passwords by cyber criminals or by ex-employees. Also implement 2-Factor authentication to access your banking and other sensitive 3rd party resources such as payroll processing.