Cloud Backup Solution

Data Loss: It’s not a Matter of if, it’s a Matter of when.

The number of malicious software attacks like malware and ransomware are proliferating and the trend to disrupt, damage or destroy data is only growing. Businesses, big and small can be affected by these malicious acts.

Nothing is Foolproof.

While there are services available to protect your server from viruses, malware and spam, these prevention measures are not enough. A virus or malware software can reach your server and destroy the back-up data on it. At this level of penetration, the chances of recovering your data is close to zero.

What Can You Do?

Choose a Cloud-Based Backup and Recovery System

In addition to a local backup, an offsite backup can help you recover data in case of a Malicious Attack that affects your local backups, as well as a Disaster Situation that leads to total loss of your IT assets on site. Your data can be retrieved back to your servers, or restored to a cloud server to bring you back to business as usual in a short amount of time.

Fully Customized RTO (Recovery Time Objective) & RPO (Recovery Point Objective)

Optimized & Encrypted Data Transfer over Internet to Keep Your Bandwidth Utilization to Minimum & Keep Your Data Secure

Supports All Common Operating Systems in Both Physical & Virtual Environments as well as Granular Restore for SQL & Exchange

Supports Desktops as well as Mobile Laptops

Data can be Restored in the Cloud for Disaster Recovery, or for Periodic Verification Geographically Diverse Locations to Safeguard You from Widespread Natural Disasters

Long Term Retention Available for Compliance