IT Operations Center (ITOC) Services

IT Infrastructure Monitoring and Management

Five Rivers IT can provide your organization peace of mind through its 24x7x365 monitoring service. We provide the entire stack of services from strategizing your ITOC approach to migration, stabilization and finally Tier I and Tier II services provided on 24×7 basis.

Network Monitoring

Intelligent monitoring of your entire net-work infrastructure including telecom links, wireless infrastructure, MPLS and Software Defined WAN components.

Server Monitoring

Proactively monitor your server infrastruc-ture, both private and cloud hosted, to maximize availability. Monitor common off-the-shelf applications as well as custom services to suit your needs.

  • 24x7x365 proactive monitoring and incident management.
  • 3rd party trouble ticket management.
  • Inventory and Asset Management.
  • Alert management from any possible source.
  • Reporting and trend analysis on all relevant metrics.
  • Tier II support for incident resolution.
  • Business As Usual (BAU) tasks.
    • OS and AV patching.
    • Backup Management.
    • Application configuration changes, patching and upgrades.

Application Performance Monitoring

Monitor your .NET, JAVA, Ruby, PHP appli-cation stack to gain visibility and traceability at the most granular level to: catch issues before they become an outage; gain insight to application usage trends and KPIs to help you plan and grow.

Public Sites and Services Monitoring

Monitor URL response times, web site usage, DNS and mail server uptime, port availability and more. Monitor your cloud and internal hosted applications from user perspective and get alerts on latency and outages.